"Locked door"

    She is a locked door.

    I have never seen her give way to persistent pleas

    or sharp raps demanding entrance.

    I don't believe that there is one key that unlocks her.

    I wondered how she could be so unfeeling

    to those who begged at her doorstep

    and how keeping out the bad also kept out the good.

    Numbing yourself to potential evil, also keeps out potential good.

    There is no clear distinction at first between what can hurt us

    and what will bring us joy.

    That’s what luck is.

    I have admired her resolve, her seeming strength.

    She was strong and determined in her isolation

    But she was also cold and unyielding.

    I wonder though if anyone knows she is a locked door.

    A door is locked only because someone has tried it.

    A door is a point of entrance. How many have realized that for her that isn’t it?

    I wonder how many have walked by that door without even realizing it was a barrier.

    How can someone guard against others who have not even attempted admission?


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