LOST: Episodes 1-4 in WTF Moments
    Daniel Faraday confronts Richard Alpert in the past. Photo courtesy of ABC.

    To summarize the first three episodes (the premiere episode of this season was technically counted as two episodes), I will only outline the most WTF moments. Let’s just face it: this show is nothing but WTF.


    Episode 1-2: “Because You Left” and “The Lie”

    Contrary to most time-traveling stories, (e.g. Back to the Future, etc) Faraday makes it clear that time-travelers can’t change the past. At all. No chance. WTF.

    Desmond is “special” – does that mean that he’s the only one who can change the past? WTF.

    Ana-Lucia ghost cop stops Hurley. WTF. Also, way to remind Hurley of Libby – his greatest love, lost.

    Frogurt Neil gets shot with a flaming arrow out of effing nowhere. WTF.

    Best moment ever: Hurley tries to explain the entire plot of Lost to his mother. Boy, can I identify. WTFAWESOME.

    Episode 3: “Jughead”

    Apparently all of the Others can speak fluent Latin at conversational speeds. Honestly, WTF.

    Miles somehow knows that he just walked over a grave of four soldiers. WTF.

    Daniel to Charlotte: I love you. Totally saw it coming, but WTFAWWW.

    Theresa Spencer, Faraday’s mom, is in a coma – but her brain is apparently traveling through time. WTF. Oh and double-WTF – apparently Widmore is funding this whole time-travel research.

    There’s a hydrogen bomb on the island. WTF.

    Locke discovers that one of the young men in Richard Alpert’s camp is Charles Widmore. WTF. Widmore was on the island. WTF.

    Charlotte bleeds and falls to the ground. WTF.

    Episode 4: “The Little Prince”

    How could anyone try to take this baby away from his mommy? Photo courtesy ABC.


    Best Double-Meaning: This episode starts out with a heart-to-heart between Kate and Jack, where he once again outlines his reasoning for why they all need to lie once they’re back on land. He asks Kate, “Are you with me,” and she responds definitively, “I have always been with you.” That’s right, folks – the Kate/Jack/Sawyer love triangle is back. You know you missed it.

    Most obvious: Daniel, trying to explain what’s happening to Charlotte to Juliet: “It’s just like really bad jet lag.” She responds like the rest of us would, “Really bad jet lag doesn’t make you hemorrhage.” No shit.

    Laugh line: The flash comes as our heroes are getting shot at, and Sawyer screams, “Thank you Lord!” but when he realizes that it’s raining, shouts, “I take that back!”

    WTF Moments

    Sun is stalking Benjamin. WTF. Chocolates hide a gun. WTF.

    Hurley’s in prison, and that’s a good thing? WTF.

    Sayid officially keeps his award for most fucking bad-ass character, ever. Nurse-impersonator has Kate’s address in his pocket… WTF.

    Moment where I almost teared up: Watching Sawyer watch Kate help Claire give birth to Aaron. He loves her so much and knows that he’s lost her forever – whether to Jack or just in general. The fact that Sawyer made me cry: WTF.

    Jack and Kate follow the lawyer, who is talking to Claire’s mother, but who actually knows nothing about Aaron. WTF.

    Ben is the one who is trying to take Aaron from Kate. WTF. Except, this actually makes sense – Kate would probably never agree to go to the island or take Aaron back, but they all need to go back, and Ben is willing to apply legal force to accomplish that.

    JIN IS ALIVE. And stuck back 16 years with Danielle Rousseau. WTF. I think we all knew that Jin wasn’t really dead. He couldn’t be. Will he ever be reunited with Sun? Only time will tell.

    Questions Remaining

    What’s happening to the nosebleed sufferers, and will it eventually kill them?

    What happened to Theresa Spencer, and will Desmond be able to find her when he goes to L.A.?

    How does Locke die, and why is it that he needed to die before everyone could go back?

    Does Richard Alpert ever age? Is he an alien or something?

    How did Charles Widmore get off the island, and why does he keep funding Faraday’s research?


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