LOST: This Place is Death
    Charlotte, we’ll miss you. Photo courtesy ABC.


    Note: Theresa Spencer is obviously “that poor girl” and Faraday’s mother is Eloise, the woman in the church at the end of the episode (I’m pretty sure). I regret the confusion but make no excuses – it’s a confusing show.


    The show opens right where the last episode left off, with Sun staring creeply at Benjamin, obviously about to kill him. First, though, she has to talk to her adorable daughter, Ji Yeon, who misses her. (Cue the first awwww of the night – also, does Ji Yeon have to come back to the Island, too, or just the people who left willingly? Aaron, too?) However, instead of killing him, Sun gets convinced by Ben that her husband is still alive – and Ben can “prove” it.

    We get back to Jin and young Rousseau on the island, prompting wondering how much it must have sucked for Danielle to live on the island if it turned that round, adorable baby face girl into the wrinkly, stringy women we meet sixteen years later. Shudder. Anyway, Jin hangs out with the French people, tries to convince them that he knows the island, they don’t listen to him until Big Smokey comes. Jin saves Danielle’s life, basically.

    After Jin watches the story unfold that we’ve heard before from older-Danielle (they had the sickness so I killed them) and then runs away from Danielle and then FLASH – there’s Sawyer! Yay! Never have I been so happy to see Sawyer, who runs and gives Jin a huuuggeee hug, sooo adorable, I love Sawyer. Jin asks where Sun in, requisite awk silence, and we move on.

    Back on the ranch, aka L.A., Kate freaks out when she finds out they’re trying to go back to the island and drives away with Aaron. Sayid also storms off in a huff. Boo hoo.

    We go back to the Island, where Faraday watches over Charlotte until she dies from the stress of all the flashes. We don’t know exactly why it affects her so badly, but it probably has something to do with how she’d spent the most time on the Island out of everyone, having grown up there. John goes down into the well, and Sawyer once again surprises me by trying to dig John out when the flash comes and the well disappears. Awww Sawyer, trying to save your friends, don’t make me cry.

    The episode ends with two bits of suspense: first, Locke pushes the wheel, “fixing” something – but what did he fix?

    Second, Eloise says, “Let’s get started…” but with what? Could next week be any slower in getting here?

    WTF Moments

    Smoke monster pulls off French guy’s arm. WTF.

    Charlotte speaks Korean fluently. WTF. It’s not that easy to speak another language fluently, where could she have learned it?

    Charlotte: “He told me if I came back, I would die… Daniel, I think that man was you.” WTF. I think this means that we’re supposed to eventually see a scene where Daniel meets young Charlotte, but that means that the time travel doesn’t stop, despite John’s turning of the wheel. WTF’s going to happen?

    John’s bone comes straight out of his leg. WTF.


    Best Parody of Racism. Jin yells something in Korean, everyone turns to Miles and yells, “Translate, translate!” because he’s the only other Asian guy there. Miles: “He’s Korean, I’m from Encino!” (Part of L.A. I had to Google it. Too subtle?)

    Biggest Appeal to Fanbase. Faraday to Charlotte: “Speak any other languages?” Charlotte: “Just Klingon.”

    Scariest Quote Ever. Charlotte: “Don’t let them bring her back, no matter what. This place is death.”

    Closest Hit to Home. Sun: “You said we’re be there in thirty minutes.” Ben: “I didn’t account for traffic.” (Story of my life).

    Worst Last Words. Charlotte: “I’m not allowed to have chocolate before dinner.”


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