Love the gays? Hate anal sex? Edit for The Current!

    I don’t like picking on The Daily. We’re sporting rivals, and I think they do a bang-up job for the most part. Just this week, Alex Rudansky helped the Northwestern community in a major way when she exposed Evanston’s brothel plot.

    But today I read something in The Current that really pissed me off. Holly Houston, in her “That’s What She Said” sex column, decided to label anal sex as a “coital calamity.”

    The Sphincter Surprise: The other day, my friend was enjoying some sex with her man-friend. Everything was going smoothly until his johnson stumbled into her back door. Mind you, this was no graceful entry. It was so painful that she immediately fainted. To all of you wandering wieners out there: Stay in the correct hole. Some places are exit-only.

    The fainting situation Houston describes is terrible. But why didn’t she stop there? Those last sexual proscriptions (emphasis added) seem pretty close-minded for a sex columnist. They are also hurtful to the gay community. A cynical reader could even read “wandering wieners” as “errant homosexuals.” I don’t think Houston was being hateful, though. Just stupid.

    I wonder how Jake Devine and Fabiano Leal, the gay men from the dating column two over, feel about Houston’s conservasnark. For God’s sake, Leal works for The Current. In a compensatory spirit of full disclosure, I once dated Leal and hope he didn’t read what Houston wrote. But then, I hope nobody read what Houston wrote. Because it’s ignorant — not clever, not funny.


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