Taking over twitter

    Fake Twitter accounts always cause a stir and have tons of followers. Look at @Lord_Voldemort7 and @darthvader, whose tweets are continuously being retweeted over the Twitter-sphere. Do you want to be famous up and down Sheridan Road? Then recreate yourself as a fake Northwestern Twitter account. Here are just a couple of tips for creating your online persona.

    1. Choose someone or something interesting that can connect to a lot of Twitter users

    The first step of creating a Twitter account is figuring out who you are going to embody. With your insecurity issues and inability to talk to people in person, you’ll probably pick someone who is able to connect with a large audience via cyberspace. Nobody will expect that quiet Asian boy playing World of Warcraft in your Intro to Philosophy class is actually @NrthwesternGrl. If you choose the right subject, expect an influx of followers once you start tweeting.


    2. Commit to your character and brand yourself

    If you’re going to be @NrthwesternGay, you better exemplify what it means to be a queer Wildcat. Be the hyperbole of your character. Obviously the things fake Northwestern Twitter accounts tweet are going to be exaggerations or else it’d be just like following any other person. By being so dramatic, the tweets will be similar enough to be relatable, but still distinguishable from all the other generic updates coming from students.


    3. Stay Twitter active

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a pseudo-famous fake Northwestern Twitter account is disappointing your followers by going MIA. They expect constant stimulation from your passive-aggressive tweets, so you better be putting out at least every half hour. If you fail to update consistently, expect a decrease in follower feedback. However, if you strategically choose to take a break from Twitter, your revival must be something grand. Like returning on Easter—just like Jesus, along with a picture of you and a nun in a catfight during mass.


    4. Use hashtags fellow students will understand

    People love creating their own hashtags. It is your duty as a fake Northwestern Twitter account to experiment with different hashtags to see which ones will catch on. Although anybody can make up hashtags, think of hashtags that will infect the crowds like a disease. Examples include #loveconnectionsatthekeg and #saferideconfessions.


    5. Tweet at @FakeEvanWatkins and @FakeMorty

    Not exclusively to these two Twitter accounts, but you should be tweeting at already-established Twitter personalities with a large number of followers. This way, their followers will see your tweets and hopefully start following you as well. It’s also entertaining to interact with these other Northwestern-related accounts, as the Keg will probably offer you an-over-the pants handjob once you’re Twitter friends.


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