Fed & Gone: The Evanston Edition

    The recent closing of Buffalo Wild Wings reminds us that our favorite restaurants don’t just serve great food, but also amazing memories, whether it’s NUDM trivia or midnight munchies. If you’re going to miss watch-party wings, here’s a throwback to what the Evanston food scene used to look like.

    The Keg of Evanston (1976-2013)

    Although The Keg of Evanston opened as a swanky restaurant, upperclassmen remember it as a staple of Northwestern’s social scene. Named the ninth-best college bar in the country in 2011 by Complex, students bragged about getting in using their WildCards. After multiple underage drinking incidents, Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl revoked the bar’s liquor license in 2012. The Keg got its license reinstated but owner Tom Mignon still closed the bar in April 2013.

    Lulu's (1993-2014)

    Offering dumplings, stir fry and curry, Lulu’s served a wide variety of Asian cuisine for more than two decades. At the end of 2013, owner Dan Kelch, who also owns the recently burned down Taco Diablo, decided to close the popular restaurant. Those who miss Lulu’s dim sum can rejoice as Kelch plans to reopen both Lulu’s and Taco Diablo at new locations next summer.

    McDonald's (CLOSED 2003)

    There wasn’t always a world where the only inexpensive burger in downtown Evanston was a Whopper. Actually, McDonald’s competed with Burger King from less than a block away, occupying the space where Farmhouse is now located. The fast food chain closed in 2003 due to the renovation of the Hilton Orrington, but it’s better that Burger King was the one that stayed — McDonald’s wasn’t open 24/7.

    Tiny Dog Cupcake (2010-2012)

    Before the cronut started trending, the nation went crazy for cupcakes. While the bakery had an assortment of classic flavors, it also offered unconventional goods like savory cupcakes for brunch, cupcake-flavored milkshakes called cupshakes and even cupcakes for man’s best friend. The shop was also known for partnering with Northwestern student groups to hold fundraisers and other events. Tiny Dog shut down in 2012 as the cupcake fad died.


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