Make NBN your Dance Marathon home

    North by Northwestern’s Dance Marathon coverage is a place for you — your memories, your thoughts, your hopes and yearnings. We’re not only going to be turning over the entire site to DM coverage, but we’ll be filling it with the DM memories of the entire student body. Here’s how you can get involved:

    1. Tweet

    We’re aggregating on our home page every tweet that mentions Dance Marathon. Use the hashtag #NUDM to be sure your 140-character blurbs make it on the site. You can also tweet @nbn_tweets.

    2. Send photos

    Send us your photos from the floor, and we’ll republish them just about instantaneously. You can text them to 847-834-9NBN, tweet them @nbn_tweets or email Be sure to give us your name, so we can credit you.

    3. Overhear

    Our new Overheard at Northwestern Twitter is embedded in our DM coverage page, just waiting to broadcast the best of NU’s somewhat-out-of-context quotes. If you hear anything goofy, beautiful, dumb or noteworthy at all, tweet it @nbn_overheard, email or text 847-834-9NBN.

    4. Say anything. Anything

    Our “Wall” feature is a place for posting anything at all from our readers. Send a shout out to loved ones on the floor. Thank all the people who gave you money. Have something to say? Just email, text 847-834-9NBN or tell it to a reporter, and we’ll put it on the wall!


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