March to the Arch is best University tradition

    As a Northwestern University student, I am proud to participate in what is the best long-standing collegiate tradition in all the land: the March to the Arch. Since the glorious institution of higher learning’s indoctrination in 1851 by John Evans, incoming students have started their educational journey by walking through the legendary structure.

    Students were mandated to wear red for the event as they walked from the Arch at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Sheridan Road to Deering Meadow, where they listened to the greatest speech ever told. There was no better way to start my undergraduate career than by listening to the Most Glorious President Morton Schapiro instill Wildcat traditions of the most important kind.

    The Arch is such an integral part of our campus’s history that being able to pass through it while hundreds of overjoyed parents looked on was clearly the height of my undergraduate career thus far. As I stood on the lawn with my equals fake-spraypainting Morty's glorious name, I felt a sense of community stronger than any other. Seeing the candlelight from my classmates really made us all feel like one.

    The Flash Mob orchestrated by Wildcat Welcome’s peer advisers, which dates back at least a century, was the perfect finishing touch to an already unmatchable experience.


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