Marissa Penrod reflects on DM during Block 8

    Mother and CEO and founder of last year's beneficiary Team Joseph, Marissa Penrod, spoke of hope, miracles and love during Block 8 of this year's Dance Marathon. 

    "You guys fund hope," she said. "You guys make people who are struggling and fighting battles that we can’t walk away from, you guys make us feel that we’re not alone. And that’s more valuable than any dollar that will show up on that board tonight."

    Penrod flew in from Boston where she was meeting with scientists to discuss the latest research in regards to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. While others struggled with canceled flights, she made it to Chicago without any delay.  

    "I kepy checking my flight and it said on time, on time, on time," she said. "And I call that Dance Marathon Karma."

    She told the dancers they were "creating miracles" and helping pay the price for someone who is unable to do so themselves. Emphasizing the importance of all of the effort that goes into DM, Penrod said it is all about a vision.

    "You only got that antibiotic because someone came before you had a vision and they paid the price for you to be able to have that," she said.

    With that, she left the dancers with a friendly reminder and a little advice.

    "As you head into the home stretch," Penrod said, "you just have to dig a little deeper and remember that it isn't suppoesd to be easy, it is just supposed to be worth it."


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