Martin's impending celebrity (and puppy eyes) make him a great choice

    Since A&O is bringing Demetri Martin to Northwestern, it’s necessary that I make a chart of my current emotions:

    In other words: FUCK YEAH.

    When A&O brought the Flight of the Conchords to perform last winter, I believed that my life was complete. But as I camped out outside Cahn hours before the doors opened, sharing headphones with a friend and listening to Demetri Martin’s new comedy CD (basically pregaming FOTC with laughter), my new obsession was born. Because seriously, who else can spout out lines like “A squirrel is the same as a can… when there’s a BB gun in my hand” and get laughs out of it besides Demetri?

    With the premiere of his new Comedy Central show Important Things with Demetri Martin Wednesday, it’s fitting that A&O has just announced plans to bring the hilarious master of one-liners to Northwestern. Martin was an excellent choice: He’s gained cult popularity but is now on the verge of drawing a mainstream audience — and what better place to expand a fan base than at a college campus? Given A&O’s popular past choices (FOTC and The Office’s B.J. Novak, among others), choosing Martin was a logical extension.

    The man, the myth, the haircut. Photo by wannabehipster on Flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons.

    In fact, Martin may even be a more universal choice than Flight of the Conchords. All that crazy singing that Flight puts on might be too much for the less-adventurous, whereas Martin’s act is less intimidating and less theatrical. And while Flight came to perform during the burgeoning popularity of their new TV show, Martin has yet to gain that fame. He’s up for grabs; we can claim that “we found Demetri Martin before he hit it big,” and that’s appealing. It’s difficult to not find him lovable, too. His Mitch Hedberg-esque practical humor is relatable to just about anyone, and to make it even better, it’s earnestly delivered by a Yale grad with puppy eyes and a bowl haircut.

    Now, I was initially concerned that Martin wouldn’t have much new material for us. Since his one-liners are often repeated from one show to the next, it’s possible we might hear some old jokes. However, given the new TV show and new tour, I’m willing to bet that we’ll be hearing at least some brand new material. Cue another round of “Fuck yeah.”

    And it gets better: No one needs to form a 7 a.m. line outside of Norris, because ticket sales will be online for at least the first day. Martin and FOTC have a similar sense of humor and a crossover fan base, so it’s likely that the show will sell out in record time. So if you want to see Martin, stay chained to your laptop waiting for the second tickets go on sale … or don’t, so that I have a better chance of getting one.


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