Image by Tia Anae / North by Northwestern
    For those who hurt
    For those who don’t know
    For those who don’t have a voice
    A voice to express their pain and misery
    For those who don’t even know what they are lacking
    I will scream
    And I will shout
    I will pant and I will rant in frustration because there has been something that was taken
    And it is the basic human condition to live and love
    To breathe and grieve
    In this world when to feel too deeply is not wise
    And to care too strongly is not encouraged
    For those who hide behind walls of self-reliance and self-protection
    Unaware of the mire they sink in when others are cut off
    Alone in the process of life
    With all its joys and oh, with all its lows
    I will speak
    I will call you out and ask who you are
    What do you feel?
    What do you dare to dream about
    Or not?
    And I will listen
    Just listen
    If you ask, we can then conquer the world and all the evils it has brought you
    but until then I will hold your hand
    when tears come down your face
    and your lungs get heavy
    and your breaths get deeper as you try to hold back those tears
    But not until you ask
    So don’t come around
    Pretending as if you can pretend
    Hiding behind the accomplishments and awards that you prize and cherish
    so deeply
    They mean nothing
    Come as you are
    As you really are
    I have no mask
    So don’t hide behind yours
    The not you
    I’m tired of relating to not you
    Of conversing with someone
    Who is not really true
    Just think of the joy you will feel
    When you can finally be free

    Whenever you decide


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