Matt & Jazz(y) hands

    The Matt & Jazzy for ASG Facebook campaign page. Screenshot taken from Facebook.

    I knew Matt and Jazzy couldn’t hide for long.

    Both pairs of president/VP candidates have officially launched their Facebook pages, complete with logos, photos and slogans. Let the social polarization begin.

    Whereas Austin and Ash’s simple “A” logo works on a few different levels, Matt and Jazzy’s purple hand logo works, for me, on one basic level — it really makes me want to give them a high-five. Their campaign photos reflect this theme and make them seem super smiley and super high-fiveable, which complements their logo perfectly, since it too evokes the desire to high-five. I feel like I could just sit around and kick back with these two, maybe toss around a Frisbee or grab a lemonade. Then again, I don’t really know if I could stomach what appears to be an extremely hearty dose of intense purple Wildcat pride. There’s just So. Much. Purple.

    The other photos featured on Matt and Jazzy’s Facebook page feature several additional purple hands with various words written across them. The one that perhaps intrigues me most simply reads: “Transportation.” From day one of this blog, I’ve wanted one thing, and one thing only: better shuttles. We need better shuttles.

    Then again, I can’t help but be a little creeped out by this series of dark, spindly hands. They seem so ominous, as if at any moment they’ll reach out and grab me. I no longer feel empowered, as the original logo promised I would, nor do I want to engage in a high-five with any of these hands.

    Fingers crossed for a giant chalk arm stretching up Sheridan Road tomorrow, though.


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