Mayfest and WNUR unveil lineup for Dillo Day’s second stage

    Just days after the final Dillo Day main stage artist was announced, Mayfest and WNUR released the full slate for the second stage on Wednesday night.

    The lineup, booked by WNUR staff, will be headlined by rap group Sicko Mobb, and features rapper Cakes Da Killa, electronic artist Ben Aqua, alt-rock group Archie Powell & The Exports and reggaeton artist K Rizz, in reverse set order. The stage will open at 1:00 p.m. with K Rizz’s performance, and will culminate with Sicko Mobb’s set at 6:30.

    2015 will mark the third year that Dillo Day hosts a second stage, although Mayfest would be the first to admit that its inaugural year in 2013 was more of an experiment than anything. Performers ranged “everywhere from NU Mariachi to the guys in Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang that needed a place to play,” according to Steven Goldstein, co-chair of promotions for Mayfest.

    “When I say we tried a second stage [in 2013], I mean we tried a 16 by 16 foot platform,” said Mayfest co-chair Justin Wolf. “It was done as a way to provide more continuous programming throughout the day, and as a way to keep kids out on the Lakefill longer. That was a very preliminary year.”

    Two years later, the stage will sport five stellar artists and a full day of programming. Headliner Sicko Mobb is an up-and-coming rap duo from Chicago that have been cited as pioneers of Chicago’s “bop” scene. Their biggest collaboration thus far is with fellow Dillo artist A$AP Ferg, on a remix to their track “Fiesta.”

    “I think the stars have aligned, since [Mayfest and WNUR] completely independently booked Sicko Mobb and A$AP Ferg,” said Brian Campbell, general manager of WNUR.

    The rest of the artists are just as eclectic. Cakes Da Killa, filling in the 5:30 slot, is one of the few openly gay rappers in the music industry, and his music channels the likes of Cam'ron and Lil’ Kim. Filipina-American K Rizz is known for her energetic beats as well as her signature choice in pants. All in all, the WNUR stage will have quite a bit to offer, and should do plenty to pry students away from the tailgates.

    “You can drink in someone’s backyard on Foster any day of the year. And you should!” said Campbell. “The only day you can come out and see K Rizz dancing around in assless chaps is Dillo Day.”

    WNUR and Mayfest also announced health-food chain Freshii as a sponsor for the stage, which recently opened a restaurant on Sherman Avenue in Evanston.

    Editor's Note: This article was updated for clarity at 9:51 p.m. CST.


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