Mayfest announces Cults via Dillo Day iOS app

    The fifth and final artist for the main stage of this year's Dillo Day will be indie pop band Cults, as announced Wednesday night through the Dillo Day iOS application. Cults will be the first female-fronted act on the main stage at Dillo Day since Regina Spektor performed in 2010, and the second female act of this year after Tink was announced as the headliner for the IndieU Stage presented by WNUR.

    "[Cults] will bring a mellow energy to the Lakefill," Mayfest Concerts Co-Chair Michael Bass said. "This is the strongest Dillo line-up to date. We're reaching parts of campus we haven't reached before."

    The New York-based band is known for their dreamy pop, as evident in songs like "You Know What I Mean" and "Go Outside" from their 2011 debut. They released their sophomore album, Static, in 2013.

    "We're really excited to finish the announcements, while doing so with this year-long project," said Mayfest Promotions Co-Chair Ian Robinson, referring to the Dillo Day app. "We didn't really have a solid way to communicate with guests on the Lakefill. We realize not everyone has an iPhone, but we will keep on making it bigger and better."


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