Mayfest announces Dillo Day on May 21, 2016

    This year, every Northwestern student's favorite holiday is coming early – and no, we don't mean any of those happening over winter break. On Monday, Mayfest and the Division of Student Affairs announced that Dillo Day will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2016 on Lakeside Field. 

    Dillo Day is usually held the Saturday before Weinberg's spring quarter reading week, but was moved up a week this year so as not to conflict with Memorial Day Weekend. Maintaining a relationship with Evanstonians, faculty and the Evanston Police Department was an important factor in making this decision. The move is "in the best interest with Evanston residents and faculty and administrators, so Evanston and the faculty can relax and enjoy that day in peace," said Eric Brownrout, Weinberg senior and Mayfest Co-Chair.

    This is not the first time that Memorial Day has caused Dillo to move up a week. "It's happened in the past, and in the next seven years, four of those will have the same situation," said Brownrout. "It's something we're excited to navigate and make Dillo Day the best it can be." Students can expect the best Dillo yet this year, according to Elisa O'Neal, SESP senior and Mayfest's Co-Director for Promotions. Dillo Day is "an event that effectively every student participates in," she said. This year, Mayfest's goals for Dillor are "making it inclusive, making it safe (and) making Mayfest a group that can work with all parts of campus." 

    An added bonus to the date moving up? More time to live up to Northwestern's work-hard-play-hard reputation. "Reading week is really just for Weinberg, but I think moving it up earlier has an upside," said Brownrout. Giving students more recovery time will allow "for students to use reading week a little more effectively," Brownrout added. Mark your calendars now. 


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