Mayfest announces entry policy changes for Dillo Day 2014

    Mayfest announced a series of changes to their wristband policy Sunday. Attendees will now be required to present serialized wristbands and non-registered guests will not be allowed to enter the Lakefill.

    “The wristbands are a little high-tech in that they’re serialized, so your name will be associated with a number on the wristband,” said Victoria Zuzelo, Mayfest director of university relations.

    Prior to Dillo Day, students and up to two guests will receive serialized cloth wristbands, similar to those of major music festivals like Lollapalooza. Unlike previous years, only registered guests of Northwestern students can attend Dillo Day.

    Non-Northwestern students under the age of 19 will have to wear a different wristband than the ones worn by students and guests over 19. Like last year, students bringing in under-19 guests will be responsible for chaperoning them on the Lakefill.

    “This whole process is a response to an ongoing conversation we’ve had with other entities at Northwestern that have a vested interest in making sure Dillo Day runs as smoothly and safely as possible,” said Xander Shepherd, Mayfest co-chair. “This is something that has been a priority for Mayfest as an organization over the last few years, to figure out the sweet spot for a wristband policy.”

    Shepherd also said that the wristbands will lead to shorter entrance lines and wait times. For attendees without bags, they will simply have to display their wristband to guards to enter the Lakefill. The wristbands will glow under black light, which organizers hope will significantly shorten lines of attendees entering the Lakefill at night.

    Wristband pre-distribution will be available one to two weeks before Dillo Day. After registering online, students will have to present a WildCard in order to receive wristbands for themselves and their guests. Students can also register on the day of the event, but will incur a fee for doing so, $5 for each student and $7 for guests. Registration is free before Dillo Day.

    Mayfest will not reissue wristbands if they are lost or stolen, so attendees will be encouraged to put on the cloth wristbands before Dillo Day. Mayfest will be handling the distribution of student and student guest wristbands. Student Affairs will be responsible for faculty, staff and Evanston resident wristbands.

    Mayfest also announced that due to construction on North Campus, the Norris Center entrance will serve as the sole entrance to the Lakefill on Dillo Day. SPAC will serve as the only exit, except in case of emergency or at the end of the event, when Norris Center will also serve as an exit.


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