Mayfest teases us, again

    Following on the heels of their announcement of ODESZA for Dillo Day, Mayfest seems to be once again teasing a new artist. Block text on the asks "Do you still believe in love?" and their confirmation page for their mailing list signup now reads "Me too," both lyrics from the song "Do You" by Miguel.

    You may also remember Miguel from his Grammy Award-winning track "Adorn" and – well, not much else recently, since his last full album came out in 2012. His new album, Wild Heart, is scheduled to drop on June 30, so the timing does seem to be right for a bit of a promotional tour. Whether it's Miguel for Dillo or not (it's totally Miguel for Dillo), stay tuned to NBN as we continue to bring you the latest updates on vaguely cryptic but easily Googled changes to the Dillo Day website.


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