Mayfest to announce Dillo Day headliners Thursday and Friday night

    First posted: 4:27 p.m.
    Updated, 4:57 p.m.

    Mayfest will announce three Dillo Day headline acts tonight and tomorrow, the group confirmed on Thursday.

    The announcements will be made at Mayfest’s annual Battle of the Bands, which starts Thursday night at 9 p.m. at Tommy Nevin’s Pub on Sherman Avenue and continues on Friday. Two headliners will be revealed Thursday, and a third will be announced on Friday night.

    Asked when during the show the acts would be announced, Mayfest Co-Chair Diana Richter said, “To be honest, we don’t know.” But she said the announcements would probably be spread throughout the show, and wouldn’t all be at the end of each night.

    Mayfest initially posted about the impending announcement on the group’s Twitter page. On its Web site, Mayfest has billed its Twitter page as the place for students to “be the first to hear all official updates — including bands.”

    Mayfest has yet to announce any of the acts for the annual festival, but industry sources confirmed in early April that indie band The Decemberists and hip-hop group N.E.R.D. were slated to perform for the May 30 event.

    Announcing the headline acts at Battle of the Bands is a yearly goal for Mayfest, Richter said. “This is something that we’ve always tried to do.”

    Ten groups are competing in Mayfest’s Battle of the Bands. The winner plays on Dillo Day.


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