McQ: Genuinely McQueen
    For the first time, Alexander McQueen's McQ line debuted during fashion week, and Sarah Burton did not fail to deliver for the Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 collection. 

    The autumn leaves on the floor set the stage for the show. Models with dramatic hair walked out wearing military-inspired beige and olive green coats. This look was then softened with models walking out wearing red velvet dresses and jackets, or tulle skirts embellished with colourful flowers. 

    In pure McQueen style, Burton created not just a collection but a mood, a story. Kristen McMenamy stood at the end of the runway in a white wedding dress. She bent down, picked up a white rope that was hidden among the leaves and followed the rope. The lights went out with only the spotlight on her. She neared the beginning of the runway where a forest took the place of what were once walls that separated the guests from backstage. Kristen disappeared and the lights went out. All of a sudden, techno music started and lights started to flash, making you feel like you were at a club. This finale was very artistic and innovative. It was everything a McQueen show should be. 

    This collection shows that the idea is not only to develop the McQ brand to make it more like the signature line, Alexander McQueen, but also make it affordable and wearable for consumers. This approach differentiates the McQ brand from all other second lines. McQ maintains the essence and style of the signature line instead of making average jeans and a top with its name on it. 

    This strategy allows the brand to make lots of revenue from the second line which is, in essence, a cheaper version of the signature line, while allowing the signature line to maintain its more avant-garde creations that McQueen is famous for.

    Sarah Burton has built upon the McQueen brand, bringing new energy to the label. 

    Check out photos and videos from the collection. 


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