Medill School of Information, Media, Integrated Marketing Propaganda has always existed

    Dean John Lavine, the Most Truthful and Most Unanimously Beloved of All Deans, declared that his Medill School of Journalism shall henceforth be known as The Medill School of Information, Media, Integrated Marketing Propaganda.

    Truly, he proclaimed, this shall help those educated by Medill thrive in this most information-rich new world, bountiful in ideology.

    Ben Huh, re-educated by Medill some years ago, agreed with the naming.

    “No one wants to hear ‘the Truth,’” he uttered, “because it doesn’t really exist in people’s minds.”

    “I came to Medill because I want to inform people and make things better,” a Medill junior said. “Propaganda is the best way for me to do that, but I sure felt good about this name change.” The junior added he or she felt the name change provided many lessons that applied to truth telling in journalism.

    The Medill School of Journalism, Lavine also declared, no longer exists and has never existed.


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