Men's lax goalie Dan Pfeffer breaks down the lacrosse pinny

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    Sun’s out, guns out: Evanston is finally starting to heat up for the summer, which means it is time to defrost your winter-pale skin. The best way to do this short of going shirtless is to wear a lax pinny.

    It resembles a basketball jersey, but more breathable, and is basically a lacrosse jersey, with no sleeves. But it’s not just for lacrosse players: frat boys, sorority girls and even beachgoers like the lax pinny for its comfort and its “I’m here to chill” attitude.

    Weinberg junior and lax bro Dan Pfeffer is the goaltender for the Northwestern men’s club lacrosse team and a lax pinny fashionista. Pfeffer, who has played lacrosse for ten years, sat down with North By Northwestern to break down the greatness behind the “key frat item in any frat brother’s repertoire.”

    On his own history with lax pinnies

    I like to think (I’ve been wearing the lax pinny) since day one, since I picked up the stick. I think the pinny came with it. It’s a part of the lifestyle. You kind of have to have a certain attitude to rock the lax pinny because there’s a lot of exposure. The guns are out … and you have to be confident.  You have to know you look good in that pinny.

    On whether your physique determines whether you can sport the pinny

    I think there’s a pinny for all body types. There are some lax pinnies that are meant to be rocked on a nice day out, and most that are meant to be worn over pads. So they can accommodate for a little size, and there are varying widths. Lax pinnies don’t usually change in length or size but they change in width, so there’s a lot of versatility.

    On the key to pulling off the lax pinny

    You have to know your setting. The lax pinny is broken down into three parts. There’s the front side, your logo, and then the reversible. Any good lax pinny has an alternate reversible side, and a good lax pinny has two pretty unique color combinations, or one unique one and one basic color combination. And you want the logo and words on the front to display a message that is simple and concise.

    On girls rocking the lax pinnies

    I think it’s fine when girls wear the lax pinny. It’s a pretty good look, it’s breathable. For summer it’s a perfect item to wear. She’s taking a step toward the lifestyle of someone I want to meet. I think she’s also a confident girl, and if she knows how to rock the pinny she knows what she’s doing.

    On the difference between a basketball jersey and lax pinny

    The lacrosse pinny is a different statement than a basketball jersey. You’re saying you favor a more lacrosse lifestyle, which is laid back, hanging out, just having a good time.

    On the lax pinny’s place on Dillo Day

    Dillo Day is a prime lax pinny opportunity. I’d start planning your pinny maybe two to three weeks in advance, maybe ordering a custom one online or trying to get one of these Northwestern men’s lacrosse ones which are pretty sweet.

    On appropriate occasions to wear a lax pinny

    I think the lax pinny is applicable to almost every single situation, except to extremely formal events. I’ve worn it to sleep, I’ve worn it out, relaxing, talking with friends…you name it, I think the lax pinny can work. It’s a very versatile clothing item. [Maybe not] weddings of direct blood, otherwise I think you could pull it off. [But] maybe your wedding, depending on who you’re marrying. So it has to be a pretty formal event. Job interviews — that’s your call.


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