What should Mitt Romney do now?

    Defeated presidential candidate Mitt Romney is clearly unprepared for the next chapter in his life – he didn't even have a concession speech written for Tuesday night. What do you do with your life after dedicating yourself to a dream for six years? No worries, Mitt, NBN has all sorts of ideas to help you move past this election.

    Hang with the grandkids

    Romney is 65 years old – it's okay to retire and just be a "family guy" now. Those munchkins need a grandfather and after spending a year campaigning, it's time to give them the attention they deserve. That might not be possible since there's 18 (soon to be 19) of them, but then again, Mitt has all the time in the world.

    Ryan/Romney 2016

    Romney doesn't have anywhere to go after this election, but Ryan can return to Congress and use the support he gained to launch a new chapter of his political career and potentially run for president. And when he does, we know Romney will be looking for some reciprocation. Who would be the better running mate than our very own Mitt?

    Get back to business

    In case you didn't hear it enough during all of Romney's campaigning, he's a businessman. And lucky for him, Obama is planning to create a "Secretary of Business" position in his new cabinet. There's that bipartisanship we've been looking for. Obamney, anyone?

    Start a charity

    Hurricane Sandy might have scared some politicians, but not Romney. He helped victims by collecting food and money, and proved to be more generous than anyone (read: me) could have imagined him to be. Why not capitalize on this philanthropic side and start a charity? There's that 47% to take care of, anyway. 

    Republican party speech writer

    The number of tweets/Facebook statuses I saw Tuesday night saying "I cried while watching Romney's speech" was kind of crazy. After months of fumbling over words and flip flopping opinions, Romney finally managed to pull out a meaningful, emotional speech. I'd say he could definitely make a career out of it.

    Return to Massachusetts

    With all the talk of Massachusetts in the debates, Mitt's governship in the state seems to the highlight of his political career. He could try to restart his political career by going back to his favorite state. It might be a little awkward since the state's electoral votes went to Obama, but it's worth a try.

    Write a book

    Since the whole "no apology" thing was such a big hit, Romney could definitely be successful in writing a new story. "How I Wasted Six Years of My Life and Millions of Dollars: A Tale by Mitt Romney." I'd buy it.

    Go to Northwestern

    Move over Chet, there's a new celeb on campus. I'm sure there's a number of classes that Romney could benefit from taking here, but let's start with every elementary math course that this university offers. Because those numbers definitely did not add up.


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