Modern Family: "Caught in the Act"

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    For every few episodes of Modern Family, there is one that is simply so drop dead funny and awkward that you find yourself crying with laughter. For me, this was one of those episodes. The focus of the episode was Alex, Luke and Hayley walking in on their parents, Claire and Phil, doing the nasty, which I will simply refer to as “the incident.” This showcased both the children and the parents at their absolute finest. The story line was intersected stupendously with Jay and Gloria’s after Gloria accidentally sends a scathing email to Claire about her baking. These two stories collide very literally in the Dunphy’s front hallway and provided probably one of the funniest moments the show has seen. Though, this cacophony of comedy was slightly dulled by Cam and Mitch’s story line. They try to impress the owner of a local restaurant, Amelia, in order to get a reservation, and they end up spilling on her $50000 rug. I never thought the day would come when Cam and Mitch’s story was nearly pointless — but today is that day. However, in each episode there seems to be one couple whose story hits the proverbial deck and this week it was theirs.


    • Claire and Phil’s different approaches to discussing “the incident” with their children, which mostly consisted of Phil throwing punch lines and Claire throwing a tizzy.
    • Phil’s sexual innuendos throughout the episode. His feeble attempts to be sexy almost warrant a show unto itself.
    • If there’s anything that brings siblings closer together, it’s a trauma. And this certainly was a trauma. But seeing the kids ban together in awkwardness was totally worth it.
    • It never gets old when Claire and Phil think they’ve successfully bested their kids, but in fact they have been seriously outsmarted. They make me wish I had awkward parents.
    • Claire’s misunderstanding with Gloria. Gloria thinks Claire is mad about her email about baked goods, whereas Claire is mad about the sex. An entire conversation ensues that culminates in Gloria offering Claire her tasty cupcakes. Phil nearly faints.

    Best Quotes

    • “Wait! Wait! Why the whoosh?! Make it come back!” — Gloria, frantically trying to take back her sent email.
    • “They weren’t even there when we started…you weren’t even there when we started.” — Phil to Claire, responding to “the incident” with his kids.
    • “Whatever they were doing, it looked like Dad was winning” — Luke, responding to “the incident.”
    • “OK, I’m really afraid of reading this situation the wrong way, but I’m 80 percent sure you’re coming onto me right now.” — Phil to Claire in the middle of her panic attack.


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