Modern Family: "Good Cop Bad Dog"

    This episode focused around how each couple in this series is so compatible, not because of their similarities but because of their differences. These differences not only make them more effective parents and spouses, but also much more hysterical to watch.

    Cam and Mitch’s dilemma in this episode centers around Cam being really sick and therefore unable to go to the Lady Gaga concert that they had tickets for. Mitch takes care of Cam all day so that he doesn’t feel too guilty when he skips out on him for the concert. However, right as he is about to leave, Cam confronts him and guilt trips him into staying. However, all that Robitussin catches up with Cam, who completely conks out, for enough time that Mitch can go get his Gaga on. Mitch realizes that Cam would never do that to him, not because he is a better person, but because he is a better caregiver and that this difference makes them well suited for parenting and for life.

    Claire and Phil have a similar predicament, but as per usual, their problems explode in their faces. They realize that Claire is always the disciplinary parent and that Phil is too nice so they decide to switch places. Claire takes Manny and Luke go-carting and Phil makes Alex and Haley clean their (totally gross, disgusting, gnarly) bathroom. This results in Claire getting drunk off her ability to be “totally cool” and Phil getting drunk off the power to make his kids do whatever he wants. Claire and Phil eventually realize that they have their roles for a reason and that they should stay that way for the safety and sanity of the whole family.

    Finally, Gloria shows us her more “generous” side as she takes in a complete stranger who has a job proposition for Jay. Apparently this is nothing new to Jay who is used to Gloria taking in stray people because of her uncanny inability to say “no”. The stranger, Guillermo, presents his offer, “Good Dog/Bad Dog Treats” which was probably the funniest and worst pitch I’ve heard in my life, full of slapstick mistakes and wildly inaccurate statistics. Jay politely tells Guillermo that his business plan is horrifying, causing Guillermo to storm away with his adorable dog in tow. Gloria runs after him and although she comes back without Guillermo, she somehow manages to bring his dog back with her. This time it’s Jay who can’t say no, and the family decides to keep the dog as a pet.

    Although this wasn’t one of the all-time funniest episodes, I found that as a whole, I liked the way the couples were portrayed. It really showed each of the characters weaknesses and how the their other half helps them overcome these weaknesses which is one of the reasons why these three couples are some of the healthiest relationships I’ve ever seen.


    The entire bathroom situation had me rolling on the floor with laughter. The combination of Phil yelling and the girls’ hair growing exponentially in size and tangles was hysterical.

    Watching Claire be “cool” was like watching a robot try to bust a move.

    I love that Lady Gaga is the one cliché that Mitch allows himself…as he proceeds to cross his legs.


    “All I want is to go to bed at night next to someone who is generous and giving…and that man doesn’t necessarily have to be you…”-Gloria, trying to convince Jay to give Guillermo a chance.

    “Note to Claire: if you want family drama, rent Spy Kids. They saved their families lives! Do you think they would have done that if their parents had yelled at them all the time?!”-Phil, contributing the soundest logic I’ve ever heard.

    “But, I put on the sugar jacket!”-Gloria
    “No Gloria, I don’t think sugar-coating the situation is going to help”-Jay.


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