Modern Family: "Mother's Day"

    This episode celebrated Mother’s Day by bringing the whole family together for a Mother’s Day dinner — celebrating Gloria, Claire and Cameron? When Mitch accidentally lets it slip that he considers Cam the mother of their little family, Cam gets pretty upset and seeks to prove that he can actually be manly just like other dads. Claire and Gloria celebrate their Mother’s Day by going on a hike with their children, while Jay and Phil cook Mother’s Day dinner for them. However, the children — as expected — hate the hike and complain the whole time, which prompts Claire to storm off with Gloria leaving the kids to wait behind and ponder what bad children they have been. Claire then vents to Gloria about how horrible her children can get which prompts Gloria to do the same, only they are overheard by Manny. Gloria lies to Manny and tells him that everything she said was a lie to make Claire feel better about hating her children (as Claire points out, that’s not quite the healthiest relationship).

    Meanwhile, the Dunphy children decide not to apologize because they are on to Claire’s “game plan.” She always brings the kids to places they don’t like, which causes them to complain and whine. They then feel guilty for making her feel bad, which gives her the right to continue taking them to places they don’t like, which is a never-ending cycle of torture for the Dunphy clan. They decide to take a stand and not give in to Claire’s manipulation.

    Jay and Phil’s day of cooking fun obviously does not go as smoothly as they had hoped, when Jay begins to break down and cry after finding a poem he wrote to his mother when he was a child. At the family dinner, Phil makes the mistake of telling the entire family (typical Phil). The dinner proceeds as planned with everyone on their best behavior, until Jay break down again, causing the kids to finally apologize to Claire in a moment of weakness (or a moment of “awww”). To top of the “aww” factor in this episode, Mitch explains to Cam that having maternal qualities is not something to be ashamed about because it is what makes him such a loving and tender parent.

    I really like the episodes that have unusual pairings of characters that aren’t normally seen, in this case Jay/Phil and Claire/Gloria, because it helps bring out new and often funnier sides of the characters. Although it wasn’t one of the stronger “themed” episodes of this show, it did a good job of combining the funny moments (Cam trying to act more masculine) with the tender family moments (Jay sobbing), which is what makes the show so successful.


    Jay gives Gloria a diamond necklace. Manny gives her a necklace made of fruit loops.

    I loved Cam’s attempt to be more masculine only to discover that the maternal instincts in him are what make him such an amazing parent. It was one of the main sources of humor in the episode, but it ended up being a really touching moment.

    Jay breaking down over his mother was really really great for his character. He very rarely breaks the walls of his strong exterior, and both his character and his acting skills shine through whenever he does.


    “I have to come clean… these fruit loops aren’t real… they’re generic.” -Manny

    “You have to appreciate nature! Soon this will be the mall!” -Gloria
    “I’ll come then…” -Haley

    “You so love pink!” -Mitch
    “No, pink loves me.” -Cam


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