Modern Family: The Musical Man

    Modern Family came back with an episode showcasing not only the dysfunctional, beautiful relationships of this show but also how amazing and subtle the humor of this show can be. In the Dunphy household, Phil has just decided to get a van with a huge real estate advertisement on the side as the family car, which he hopes will dramatically improve business. What he doesn’t see coming, or really notice, is that the ad looks less like a real estate ad and more like a prostitution ad with Claire and Hailey featured with slogans like “I can’t be satisfied” and “let me satisfy you.” Once again, the subtlety of Phil manages to be so unsubtle its ridiculous. Also in the Dunphy household, Hailey finds out she actually got average scores on her SATs (which is received with elation), but she breaks it to the family that she might not exactly be looking to go to college. Needless to say, Claire was in a tizzy.

    Meanwhile, Cameron takes over as the middle school’s musical director for the upcoming play, in which Luke and Manny are involved. Of course, he expects Broadway class out of these children, regardless of Mitch’s warnings. As predicted, the show ended up being a complete catastrophe, causing Cameron endless embarrassment and the audience copious laughs.

    The family also had a temporary guest in this episode as Jay’s brother, Donny, came to stay with him and Gloria. Jay and Donny have a rather physical (violent) relationship that Gloria cannot even begin to understand. When Gloria pushes Jay to talk to Donny seriously, Jay discovers that Donny had cancer and didn’t tell him. However, all is right in the world, when the family gets together to see the catastrophe play put on by Cameron, which featured winning mistakes — like Luke being stuck in a harness the whole show and stag props running amok.


    For me, Gloria completely stood out in the episode even though she seemingly had no real role. Her one liners were epic and really showcased the amazing writers of this show.

    Claire and Phil’s happiness when Hailey is average on her SATs. Claire proclaims, “Phil, we did it!!” which is followed by a “medium five”.

    People keep calling Phil asking not to buy houses, but to buy Claire and Hailey. Of course, Phil doesn’t realize this as he tells the customers the differerces between the “younger house” and the “older house” and whether the carpets match the drapes (ew).

    Cameron was really in his element as a musical director. I love when his sassy side comes out.
    Instead of “we love the world”, the middle school kids accidently spelled out “we love the F word”. Oops?

    Quote of the night:

    “Years from now these children will be talking about how I Sondheim-ized them”-Cameron
    “I don’t think that’s what you should be saying….”-Mitch


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