Movies for a mellow Monday evening

    It’s April 20, but don’t let the liberal media confuse you – nothing particularly interesting or celebratory is happening today. Given that it’s a school night, you might be inclined to finish up your homework extra early so you can really "chill out," "relax" and watch a "nice movie." Here is a completely happenstance viewing guide for your Monday night screening needs. 

    Musical fantasies, like “Yellow Submarine”(1968): 

    At the outset of the week, you probably want nothing more than to take a far-out journey away from campus. To fully experience a nice visual trip, watch this classic movie from the Beatles’ psychedelic era and follow the gents from Liverpool under the sea and across the country on a musical adventure. Don't worry, you're not hallucinating – that really is a music-hating "Blue Meanie" you see floating across your screen. If the emotionally compelling exaggerated colors aren’t enough to convince you, it’s difficult to resist the mellowing quality of the Beatles’ soundtrack, the perfect stress relief for a hectic week ahead.

    Animated pictures, like “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water” (2015):

    Between applications for internships, part time jobs and stressful coursework, sometimes college makes you wish for the carefree days of youth. To replicate these simpler times, relish in the absurd humor and imaginative surrealism of animation. There are no limits to what can be done in animation, only the limits of what you can dream, so dream big, bright and vivid. Adults will get a kick out of watching these old cartoons and movies, as many of the jokes are loaded with mature innuendo. Even the silliest of jokes will seem hilarious and elicit hours of laughter on a late Monday night after three hours of extracurricular activities.

    Psychological thrillers, like “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991): 

    A late night spent in your room working on chemistry labs, philosophy reading or a 300 level political science paper might have you a little strung out and, quite frankly, paranoid. Can you trust anyone? Do we even really know what reality is? Will any of this work get you a job that doesn’t involve a description as vague as “consulting?” Let someone else ask the questions by watching a nice cathartic scary movie. Beware, because you might be a little on edge after watching one of these thrillers – no, your roommate's snoring is not in fact Freddie Kruger. But after following Clarice’s search for Buffalo Bill, or a prima ballerina’s descent into madness in "Black Swan," your small questions might not seem so unsolvable.   

    Slacker comedies, like anything featuring James Franco and Seth Rogen 

    Face it – some times you just want to procrastinate and have a nice laugh. Thankfully, Franco and Rogen are right there with you, and have made a living out of shirking responsibility for more mellow pursuits. Take a ride on the "Pineapple Express," and laugh at how these ridiculous good-for-nothings will never get a real job. As an alert and highly functioning member of society, you won't get bogged down by such vain pursuits, but you will get a laugh out of it. Whether calling free speech into question by insulting an entire nation, running from the apocalypse or even adapting a Faulkner classic, these two are sure to bring relatable chuckles.

    Remember, just because it's Monday doesn't mean your day has to be down in the dumps. Instead, be sure to start the week off right – cuddle up with a pizza, plenty of snacks and catch a flick. Don't forget to keep your spirits high! 


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