Music, dancing and more at Harambee
  • In a few drumbeats, Kruccus International had the whole room caught up in a swell of energy fed by each person in attendance.
  • The performances swelled in size as the final act brought almost everyone in the room to his or her feet, led by dance instructor Adrienne Stewart, who taught them steps to contemporary music and revealing how old traditions manifest themselves in our culture today.
  • Never losing sight of the culture of music and dance so prominent in African and African American culture, Soul 4 Real, Northwestern’s premiere soul a capella group, followed the dance number with a heartstrings-tugging performance.
  • A troupe from the Chicago Contemporary Dance Company bound everyone together but in a darker, powerful way, as the audience was left to ponder the history and the present of the African-American community.
  • Kruccus International, an educational African music and dance ensemble, danced onto the floor of the Louis Room. This group, bound together by the desire to preserve their heritage, enthralled and brought the audience together through their engaging, exciting performance.
  • The night kicked off with a performance by the Northwestern Community Ensemble, who sang the Black National Anthem and Revelations 19:1. Three of their members, Maurice Hatch, Kayla Jones, and Charlie Fiorillo, enjoy the food, the music, and the lively atmosphere.
  • Northwestern’s Jazz Studies program entertained guests while they ate, with several jazz numbers reminiscent of the African American roots being celebrated that night.
Photos by Allison Mark / North by Northwestern

Swahili for "pull together," Harambee is an annual event that kicks off Black History Month. The event was filled with traditional African dance and music that reminded the attendees of the past and the present. 


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