Nap-o-rama quiz: Find out your ideal napping location

    There are two ways to be tired: with a bed, and without a bed. Unfortunately for us, we college vagrants fall into the latter category far too often. Unless you regularly carry an inflatable futon in your backpack, you need to know where you can crash between class when it’s too cold to make the trek back to your dorm.

    Take this quiz to find out where your ideal napping location is, so when those Zs start swimming around your head, you know exactly where to take refuge.

    When you were a kid, what did your parents have to do to get you to fall asleep?

    What best describes your personal level of organization?

    What would you bring with you to read on the beach over Spring Break?

    What would you rather listen to when you are falling asleep?

    Where would you most likely be on any given Saturday afternoon?

    What are your favorite drinks?

    What kind of career do you imagine yourself pursuing when you graduate from Northwestern?

    The Library

    You probably have spent your fair share of nights here before, and have already realized that the library is the ideal place to nap for you. One word of advice, however: those awkwardly boxy and dilapidated armchairs dotting the library towers might seem inviting at 3 a.m., but every other study-holic in the building will walk past your open-mouthed face if you pass out there. Opt instead for a quiet and private seminar room. The floor, table and window seat are all far more inviting and less injurious to your back, especially if you remembered to bring a pillow. Of course, by pillow I really mean a strategically sized library book. The old, thick reference books provide the best neck support.


    Admit it: You’ve been groomed for a place like Kellogg since the day you popped out of the womb. While most undergrads wither under the full brunt of Kellogg students’ icy glares and extra-sharp attire, you flourish. Conveniently located mid-campus at Sheridan and Foster, there are a few supremely comfortable (leather) couches just waiting to be napped on in the lobby of Kellogg. That glamorous Kellogg aura is irresistible, and you never know what connections you might make hanging out in this ideal slumber location.

    Café Ambrosia

    When you feel sleepy, look no farther than Café Ambrosia, providing the perfect napping oasis with its hip and homey basement den, complete with soporific lighting and lots of comfy couches. The intellectual atmosphere has the perfect balance of adventitious feng shui, open textbooks, wireless Internet and deep discussion over frothy, indie-flavored drinks.

    On a Northwestern shuttle

    Are you sure you are a student at Northwestern? You might actually be a homeless person who just thinks that they go to school here. Luckily for you, however, you can sleep just about anywhere, so why not on a shuttle bus? The noise shouldn’t bother you, and the gentle jostle as the bus chugs up and down Sheridan, over potholes, squirrels and students late to class, is practically soothing. Plus, you can hop on no matter where you happen to have woken up on campus at any of the many shuttle stops (it might be a little wait, though). Tour Northwestern’s campus again, and again, and again, until you are caught up on your sleep (might take weeks). Just make sure not to get abandoned at Ryan Field when the driver goes on his break.


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