NAR Featured Artist: Pooja Panigrahi

    If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to be studying in Tech Library until 3 a.m., or running around Ford finishing a project, you have probably been in the company of Pooja Panigrahi. A junior Materials Science major with a minor in Economics, Panigrahi — like most of her engineering peers — devotes most of her time to her studies, leaving her very little time for leisure (and even less for sleep). However, this Princeton, New Jersey native manages to spare enough free time to create whimsical and surreal paintings.

    Though Panigrahi has never had any formal artistic training in painting, she has been painting on her own since she was nine. She has experimented with oil and watercolor, but her preferred medium is acrylic. “I trained myself to see the world in shapes and color gradients, and I am fortunate to be able to get the paintbrush in my hand to follow,” says Panigrahi. For Panigrahi, painting has served mainly as a recreational pleasure. However, her work was featured on the cover of the book Bizzarre Thoughts by Dr. Sanjoy Satpathy.

    For more information about Pooja Panigrahi’s work, click here.

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