Hot Takes on Northwestern, from Northwestern, Evanston, Chicago, and National Perspectives

    Our first impressions of Northwestern can be traced back to a specific moment during our pre-college years when we thought, "Hm, that school seems pretty dope." For many Wildcats, that "a-ha!" moment comes from watching alumni cry over football games, hearing Northwestern name-dropped in a movie (Mean Girls or Devil Wears Prada, anyone?), or, if you're like me, scouring the depths of College Confidential discussion boards, in awe of this competitive, academic Mecca everyone keeps talking about. Wherever they stem from, first impressions matter. Their relevance continues well into our time here at Northwestern, where the shop owners, Uber drivers, professors, alumni, press, and Evanston natives we interact with regularly form impressions of us, the Northwestern student body, and our esteemed institution. Have you ever wondered what your Starbucks barista really thinks of you? What about the Loyola kid next to you in line for a frat party in the quad? NBN's finest decided to interview some of these wonderful people, and discover just how well Northwestern ranks on first impressions. - Morgan Smith, Life and Style Editor 


    By Elissa Gray, Emily Orr and
    Victoria Alfred-Levow

    "The general assumption is that Uber and Lyft drivers see the worst of NU students."


    By Elizabeth Guthrie, Lilly Pace and
    Rita Liu

    "We put away the Yelp reviews and let Evanston-area businesses rate us."


    By Laura Zornosa

    "Hopping on the "L" for half an hour reveals quite a different train of thought."


    By Allison Yelvington and Jamie Spain

    "Some of our favorite articles from the past eight years featuring NU's finest wildcats."


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