Netplay: Ketchupbot and weird YouTube

    Thought two Weird YouTube stories were enough? You were wrong. There's a seemingly infinite number of bewildering clips out there, thus calling for a sequel only slightly less needless than Godfather: Part III. Below, find five videos that are prime to spice up a listserv email and get people's attention, even if its not the kind of attention you're actually hoping for.

    Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox Theme on a Flute

    Elegant in its simplicity, "Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox Theme on a Flute" tells you exactly what it plans on accomplishing and then does so with aplomb. Whoever felt that pairing a machine designed to squeeze ketchup and throw robotic arms in circles with one of the most recognizable instrumentals rendered in off-key flute deserves a medal for their brilliance. It's a video with a perfectly-paired soundtrack not seen since the Drive soundtrack, and we're all the luckier for it.

    The Baby Bullet

    Ever heard of the Magic Bullet? If not, it's essentially a handheld blender to make smoothies on-the-go. Apparently an offshoot of the product, the Baby Bullet, merited its own extended advertisement, which spawns this spooky video. Pairing a dramatically-slowed informercial with haunted-house music, the clip so gets to you that you soon accept this off-kilter tone as somehow "normal," at least in the context of the video. You never believed that a daytime infomercial could somehow prove entertaining, and yet "Baby Bullet" shows that everyday ads can become magical, as long as they're rendered cartoonish at half-speed.

    Dank ass sandboarding son

    I've seen two very different types of people in regards to "Dank Ass Sandboarding Son." The grumpy ones take an instant dislike to the clip and never shake it, not impressed by its sublime pairing of people sandboarding to the sounds of "I Smoke Weed" by Chrome. Yet for those enlightened enough to simply understand this video on a primal level, its magic unfolds in an all-too brief 43 seconds. The general concept of sandboarding is ridiculous enough as it is, but with such over the top music there shouldn't be any reaction but gutteral laughter. 


    Perhaps I'm just a softie for any dog-related videos because I miss my own pups, but "GET DOGS PUMPED" has me reeling every single time I watch it. Ostensibly created as a tool to pump dogs up, as the name implies, the clip uses psuedoscientific means to present itself as both completely serious and yet comically absurd. Of course, the focus of the video is the dogs themselves, and they don't disappoint, getting to shine in all their couch-ripping and rug-urinating glory. I haven't had the chance to present the video to my own dogs, but if their reaction is anything like I would hope for, they'd soon be pumped up enough to take over the world.

    We Eat Weed boys - evenknow.jpg

    Made for a senior thesis video at Wesleyan, "We Eat Weed Boys - evenknow.jpg" comes to represent an overwhelming amount of internet humor in a tight 4:20. It's clear from the title and the running length that the video will parody drug culture, but it accomplishes so much more. The song's garbled, Auto-Tuned vocals and minimalist beat are clear references to rappers like Lil B and Yung Lean, who have both become internet senations by sheer force of their weirdness. Meanwhile, lyrics like "You see me swagging on these bitches you don't even know" seem to parody rap's fixation with bragging as much as humanly possible at all times. With references to Tinder, Xanax, flexing and so much more, the video ultimately reads as a hyperintelligent college kid's best efforts to emulate the weirder sides of an internet culture that's become more and more prevalent, but it does so much more effectively than any thesis paper ever could.


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