News you might have missed: April 20, 2013

    Marijuana usage linked to brain damage

    Think twice about smoking that joint. A collaborative study by Northwestern Medicine Study, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School reported that recreational use of marijuana causes brain abnormalities. They found that cannabis use is associated with structural alterations to areas of the brain that are necessary for emotion and motivation.

    Indian novelist comes to campus

    Award-winning author Amitav Ghosh will present a series of seminars and lectures to Northwestern students and faculty about researching language learning communities and navigating the opium route in Asia. The Center for Global Culture and Communication and the Sinha Kikeri Foundation sponsored the visit in hopes of cultivating a relationship between the University and the South Asian community in Chicago.

    Study reports the rich dominate politics

    Wealthy Americans have a significant influence over politics, according to a study done by Northwestern and Princeton Universities. Policies with higher support from the rich are more likely to be adopted by the government. This newfound research relates to the recent campaign finance reform ruling, which allows rich individuals to pour unlimited amount of money in the pockets of a single candidate.


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