News you might have missed: Feb. 16, 2014

    Marriage as an evolving matter

    Weinberg Psychology professor Eli Finkel reported the primary function of marriages nowadays is spousal dedication to self-expression. In the study “The Suffocation of Marriage: Climbing Mount Maslow Without Enough Oxygen,” Finkel shows the evolution of marriage as a parallel to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. As more marriages turn towards a “voyage of self-discovery and personal growth,” couples need to spend more time and energy in their relationships, according to Finkel. The study, which shows the changing expectations of marriage as a relation to the nation’s socioeconomic situation, will be published in the Psychology Inquiry this year.

    University introduces online degree program in Global Health

    Northwestern will offer an online Master of Science in Global Health program where students will learn the necessary skills to combat health care concerns on a global medium. The program, which includes 12 online courses, will be introduced in the fall of 2014. Both the School of Continuing Studies and Feinberg School of Medicine’s Center for Global Health will provide students with opportunities for research and the ability to better health care systems.

    Treblemakers host annual a cappella show

    Northwestern’s Treblemakers presented the annual Quad-A Show, the largest Asian American affiliated a cappella show in the country, at Alice Millar Chapel on Saturday. The show featured Asian American a cappella groups from Washington University, University of Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University. Before the program, the Asian American A cappella Association hosted workshops titled, “Your Music, You, Your World” from 1-3 p.m. at Parkes Hall. Quad-A 2014 continued its traditions of combining musical passion, ethnic pride and unity. 

    Northwestern loans a restored painting to Frankfurt

    The library’s portrait of French composer Erik Satie is gaining publicity for its commendable restoration by Northwestern. The 1891 painting of “The Bohemian: Poet of Montmartre” by Ramon Casas is now on loan to an art exhibit venue in Frankfurt. The portrait’s colors and brushstrokes are now clear after undergoing a conservation treatment to eliminate varnish. The portrait will be on display at an art show named, “The Spirit of Montmartre.”


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