News you might have missed: Feb. 23, 2014

    Northwestern leaps into the future with institute for nanotechnology

    Northwestern University’s International Institute for Nanotechnology will partner with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to establish the Northwestern Institute for Nanomedicine for $55 million, becoming a global leader in the growing field of nanomedicine. The institute will highlight its research on disease diagnostics, gene silencing, and other medical applications of nanotechnology while aiding international scientists with projects.

    University professors recognized as Sloan Fellows

    The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation selected two Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences mathematics professors Nir Avni and Aaron Naber as Sloan Fellows. Both members of the faculty received $50,000 fellowships in recognition of their outstanding research and in support of their future work. Avni and Naber are two of 126 fellows from 61 colleges and universities who received the Sloan Research Fellowship for 2014.

    Students offered exploration of Chicago museums

    NU in Chicago” is partnering with NU faculty and alumni to offer students an opportunity to explore Chicago’s top museums on March 1. The event will be an afternoon expedition to Chicago establishments where students can learn about the impact museums have on a community. The excursion will diverge into three tracks: Sustainability & Conservation, Chicago History and Culture, and Experiencing Art.


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