News you might have missed: Jan. 26, 2014

    Stitch celebrates the launch of its January issue

    Northwestern’s fashion magazine Stitch partnered with the Block Museum to celebrate the launch of its largest issue ever and the opening of two exhibits at the museum. Over 300 people attended the event on Saturday, enjoying Sprinkle’s cupcakes and mocktails while honoring the magazine.

    Annual Harambee marks the start of Black History month

    African American Student Affairs and FMO commenced the celebrations of Black History month with the Harambee. The event, which took place on Friday, highlighted songs and dances that displayed African and African American cultures.

    Three students put paper and pencil to scientific use

    McCormick School of Engineering students discover an inexpensive method to measure strain and detect hazardous chemical vapors by using pencils and office paper. An undergraduate student, a master’s student and their teaching assistant investigated the conductivity of graphene, an element of pencil lead traces, and created a simple electrode.

    Study shows decrease in physician communication skills

    A Northwestern Medicine study reported that doctors spend a third of their appointments looking at their computer screens rather than communicating with their patients. With the rise in use of electronic health records, physicians are less likely to thoroughly attend to their patients in comparison to paper-chart visits. Scientists used video cameras to record 100 doctor-patient visits in order to scrutinize eye-gaze patterns and discover future designs for electronic health records.


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