News you might have missed: March 9, 2014

    University participates in national recycling competition

    Northwestern is amongst over 200 colleges and universities that are participating in a nationwide recycling competition to promote recycling and waste reduction efforts on campuses. The 2014 Recyclemania Tournament will run through March 29 and encourages staff and students to evaluate their accumulation of waste and utilize recycling methods to eliminate it.

    Five students will board NASA’s 'Vomit Comet'

    Members of the Northwestern University Microgravity Team (NUMT) will board a NASA plane the week of April 4 to 12 to administer biomedical research on the effects of bones in a zero gravity atmosphere. NUMT hopes to use their findings to study additional bone-related diseases. The team will experience two days of flight, using 25 of the 30 trials for their experiment on how zero gravity affects bone structure.

    Biomedical engineer designs intravaginal ring

    Associate biomedical engineering professor Patrick Kiser’s intravaginal ring will enter clinical trial after reliably exhibiting its dual protection against HIV and pregnancy. Kiser’s ring works both as a long-lasting contraceptive and an antiretroviral drug by transporting two drugs into a woman’s reproductive system. After being manufactured, the rings will soon be tested on women.


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