Noah in Barcelona: Realization in Italy
    Noah’s abroad in Barcelona, Spain until the beginning of July.

    Now I am pretty much done seeing Italy’s big cities. I think the whole country will take a deep breath when I say it will be a while before my next visit.

    I have been from the Lakes in the North down to Syracuse in the South. I have been to Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence and Palermo.

    But what I realized when I visited Italy was I have been making a HUGE mistake. I want to see as many parts of Europe while I am here and it is (relatively) cheap for me to visit them. But none of my experiences have been rich in memory-making material. Sure, I have had my moments. This weekend I sat for an hour listening to a saxophone-player on the streets of Milan. It was magic and I won’t forget it. But this whole journey through Europe has changed a lot from the time of its conception.

    When I decided to study in Europe I was eager to plan all sorts of bold expeditions into the heart of the Alps, across the Strait of Gibraltar and into the dark forests of Montenegro. I haven’t really made good on that promise.

    Well, I am officially staying in Barcelona for the summer. I am working for Yahoo! doing marketing and writing. Luckily, my boss at Yahoo! wants me to enjoy the summer. She has already told me that I need to get out and enjoy the rest of my time here. I couldn’t agree more.

    This weekend a good friend of mine passed away and it still seems surreal. It reminded me that I need to keep enjoying life. I don’t want to run off to some random city and see art just because I’m told that’s what I should do in Europe. This is my trip and I am remaking it for the summer.

    Another thought that kept popping into my head had to do with all the “culture” in Italy. Every city seems to have its own life and spirit. I kept thinking how America didn’t have that at all and then I was reminded how little I have seen of my own country. I think once I return from the continent it will be time to refocus on exploring my own people. I’ve never been to the Northwest. I’ve never been to Santa Fe or New Orleans. I’ve never seen the forests of Maine.

    Looks like I’ve got an other journey on my hands. That’s how I like it.

    I took the ferry when I should have gone out in a kayak.

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