Noah Star and Christina Kim win ASG election
  • Kim hugs Weinberg junior Jennifer Li after she and Star announce their victory to the room.
  • Star hugs Green, who was the only other person present when Star and Kim first received the news of their victory.
  • Star and Kim present a gift certificate to Green to thank him for all his work on their campaign.
  • Kim and Star announce their victory and thank their campaign team for all of their work.
  • Star and Kim react to their victory as their campaign team looks on, either filming them or applauding.
  • Star thanks Leinbach for informing them of their victory as Kim and Green look on.
  • Star and Kim cheer and hug after being informed - two minutes after the polls closed at 5 p.m. - that they had been elected as the new ASG president and executive vice president.
  • Kim and campaign manager SESP senior Andrew Green listen in anticipation as Star takes a call from ASG Election Commissioner Dana Leinbach.
  • Star waits in the second floor McCormick Foundation Center hallway with his phone in hand, waiting to hear the ASG election results.
Photos by Madhuri Sathish / North by Northwestern

With results in just minutes after student voting for the 2015-2016 ASG Elections closed at 5 p.m., Weinberg junior Noah Star and McCormick junior Christina Kim are officially Northwestern's new ASG President and Executive Vice President. Star and Kim won with 59.64 percent of student votes, defeating Haley Hinkle and Chris Harlow's campaign, which garnered 35.1 percent.

In an interview with NBN just before results were released, Star said that students who criticize ASG for making a sudden appearance during election season and then fading away throughout the year "are not wrong to complain."

"We want to change that so it's not like ASG elections are the only time you see us on Facebook or the only time you see us on campus," explained Star, who waited for results with Kim and 15 other members of their campaign team in a second floor McCormick Foundation Center classroom. "ASG elections give you the opportunity to elect people who might change the way business happens. I think that's why Christina and I are running on a platform of transparency and a platform of deferring to student experts." 

Kim added that their campaign – "overwhelming Facebook presence" and all – went well.

"People seem to really like what we're saying," Kim said. "Mostly they really resonated with the fact that we wanted to bring humble leadership into ASG."

Just before learning the results, Star, Kim and their campaign manager SESP senior Andrew Green relocated to the hallway. Then Star got a call from ASG Election Commissioner Dana Leinbach. A brief pause, then: "You won!"

Star, Kim and Green jumped up from their seats in the isolated hallway and cheered, hugging each other and then running back to the classroom where their campaign team was waiting. A roar of applause greeted them, with several members filming Kim and Star's re-entry and reactions.

"We won!" Kim said. "Thank you guys so, so much."

"Our team was full of people who cared about us as friends, who cared about campus and that means a lot to us," Star said.

Star and Kim then presented a gift certificate to Green, and the room once again burst into applause.


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