Noah and Christina want ASG to listen then lead
  • Students in attendance were given the option of writing down changes they wanted to see on a whiteboard.
  • Freshman Fifteen performs at the launch party in support of Star and Kim.
  • Weinberg junior Noah Star and McCormick junior Christina Kim greet launch party attendees at the entrance to Struble Theater.
  • Kim and Star explain their commitment to the amplification of student voices and announce their website launch.
  • SESP senior Andrew Green, ASG chief of staff and Weinberg senior Julia Watson, current ASG president, were among the attendees at the launch party.
  • Mariachi Northwestern performs at the launch party and announces their endorsement of Kim and Star.

Approximately 50 people attended a launch party held by Weinberg junior Noah Star and McCormick junior Christina Kim on Wednesday evening to commemorate the start of their campaign for ASG President and Vice President. At the beginning of the event, students in attendance wrote down changes they wanted to see on campus on a whiteboard; these ranged from calls for environmental sustainability to better food in Elder dining hall. 

This was followed by a performance by Freshman Fifteen and a statement by Star and Kim.

“We’re a genuine group of people who are thinking about what it means to listen to student voices and take those student voices and make them into action,” Star said. “We want to go out and meet people where they are.”

Star and Kim are running on the platform of "listen then lead," focusing on accountability, accessibility and opportunity to drive ASG forward. They've been endorsed by ASG Financial Vice Presidents and Weinberg juniors Kenny Mok and MacKenzie Schneider, among other student group leaders.

Noah and Christina will be appearing in debates Monday and Tuesday evening with other candidates Medill junior Haley Hinkle and SESP junior Chris Harlow.


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