North by Northwestern, Fall 2010

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    A one-year tale of death, love and lies all began with a random friend request. Syghe L’Oveture said he was a freshman at Northwestern. In March, a post on Facebook said Syghe committed suicide. But no one on campus said anything.
    By Coco Keevan


    Yeah, we mounted Tech. And Swift. And Block. And five other buildings with views of Evanston and Northwestern. See through our eagle eyes and admit that campus is kind of beautiful.


    Few people know that turtles once roamed Evanston. They were brought here by a geochacher. Offline, she’s Northwestern professor Eszter Hargittai. Online she’s TurtleFan. And she wants you to start looking for all the loot she’s hidden, turtles included.
    By Nolan Feeney


    Your life, our entertainment
    Plus: What was your first screen name

    By Emily Chow

    How to steal (and not get caught)
    By Max Brawer

    Your life, our entertainment
    Plus: What was your first screen name

    By Aja Edwards and Jon Ayala

    We’ve created a monster
    Plus: Comparing your computer to the beast

    By Brian Lange

    Tron star
    By Sean Kane

    Goodbye Hinman, hello government
    Plus: Price of a page

    By Lauren Manning and Lauren Schwartzberg

    The small print
    Plus: Secret ways to maximize aid

    By Vanessa Dopker and Camille Beredjick

    Crafter for life
    Plus: D.I.Y. card lampshade

    By Krislyn Placide and Julia Gang

    Beans and dreams (This article will not appear online due to layout)
    By Gus Wezerek

    Up with the cups
    By Gus Wezerek

    Slurpin’ shandies
    By Monica Kim

    Hello, pumpkin
    Plus: Kimchi con cranberry

    By Kathy Duan and Amber Gibson


    High brow
    By Abby Shure

    Cats under knives
    By Ariana Bacle

    Immortal cells
    Plus: Scientific breakthroughs

    By Rose Pastore

    Pop a wheelie
    Plus: A touching message

    By Shaunacy Ferro

    Hide the report card
    By Alessandra Calderin

    Wild Roots, frozen ground
    By Lindsey Kratochwill

    Hallowed be thy game
    Plus: Ryan Field timeline

    By Stanley Kay

    No gloves, no love
    By Kevin Shepherd

    Fresh water
    By Alexis Sanchez

    School of Phish
    By Coco Keevan

    Significant olders
    By Samantha Rollins

    The girl with the sock on her door
    Plus: Willie’s willy

    By Aubrey Blanche, Sara Weston and Rigo Fernandez


    There and back again
    By Christie Thompson

    Shake-up at Pick-Staiger
    By Caleb Melby

    Found in translation
    By Lindsey Kratchowill

    Celebrate the start of winter
    By Allyson Byers


    Gus Wezerek | MANAGING EDITOR

    Taylor Soppe | SENIOR EDITOR, OPEN
    Nolan Feeney | SENIOR EDITOR, PRINT
    Dan Camponovo | ASSOCIATE EDITOR, QUIT
    Katherine Zhu | ASSISTANT EDITOR

    Sarah Davidson | SENIOR LAYOUT EDITOR
    Nick Sauerberg | CREATIVE DIRECTOR
    Emily Chow | DESIGN EDITOR


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