North by Northwestern, Winter 2011

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    Monica Kim | EDITOR
    Julie Beck | SENIOR EDITOR
    Nolan Feeney | SENIOR EDITOR
    Alessandra Calderin | ASSOCIATE EDITOR
    Shaunacy Ferro| ASSISTANT EDITOR
    Sarah Davidson | SENIOR DESIGNER
    Gus Wezerek | SENIOR DESIGNER
    Katherine Zhu | DESIGNER
    John Meguerian | PHOTO DIRECTOR
    Justin Barbin | PHOTO ASSISTANT
    Nick Sauerberg | DIGITAL EDITOR



    Could you be friends with someone who listens to Nickelback? A look inside snobbery at NU.
    By Caleb Melby


    The Animate Arts program merged art, engineering and technology. But five years after it began, it’s already gone.
    By Edwin Rios


    Not all learning happens in the lecture hall. Life advice from seven Northwestern professors.
    By Alessandra Calderin


    Twenty-six percent of history graduate students are teaching outside their department. Why is this case?
    By Katherine Zhu


    Love and Lattes
    A record of romance at the Unicorn Cafe
    By Jordyn Wolking

    Feeling Chemistry
    An attempt to find love in lab
    By Angad Chadha
    A hedgehog will never cancel study plans.
    By Jasmyne McDonald

    In My Bag
    A theater stylist shows off her beauty tricks.
    By Emily Ferber

    Workout Guide: Chairmaster
    Workouts for when you’re lazy — or locked in Kresge
    By Jenny McCoy

    Lord of the Fries
    A salty, greasy taste of Evanston’s hot potatoes
    Web extra: Full reviews, including how Burger King and Edzo’s stack up.
    By Tom Schroeder

    College Drinker: Hot Shots
    Who wants to black out? Tonight’s all about color.
    By Alison Goldman

    Recipe Guide: Chicago Chow Down
    Bring the Windy City’s treats to your kitchen.
    By Nathalie Rayter

    Busiest Bodies
    Learn how some of NU’s student leaders plan their weeks.
    By Nolan Feeney

    Saving Face(book)
    How to protect your privacy when the Internet is forever
    By Patrick Svitek

    Grading the Ratings
    The CTEC system should help professors improve, not hurt their feelings.
    By Kevin Sullivan


    Daddy Norbucks
    Get to know your master mocha maker.
    By Ariana Bacle

    Lobby of Love
    Catching up with NU alum Janessa Goldbeck on battling genocide
    By Lydia Belanger

    Language Death Match
    An assistant professor’s work pairs numbers and letters in unexpected ways.
    By Brian Lange

    Facing the Music
    For performance majors, getting in is only half the battle.
    By Nolan Feeney

    PMA Bros Out
    Take a trip to Phi Mu Alpha, the frat house in the sorority quads.
    By George Elkind

    Pop the Evanston Bubble
    Off-campus programs let Wildcats fly the coop.
    By Heather Devane

    Rewired Reading
    Meet your new backpack.
    By Lindsey Kratochwill

    This student housing project saves energy and space.
    By Rose Pastore

    Northwestern: a Prehistory
    Long before University Hall was built, giant beasts roamed the Rock Quad.
    By Matt Connolly


    Sip of Tradition
    A look at the green tea state of mind
    By Alyssa Howard

    Sound Off
    The audiophile’s guide to aural pleasure
    By Laura Rosenfeld

    A Dauntless Debut
    Reviewing Divergent, 2010 grad Veronica Roth’s upcoming novel
    By Julie Beck

    Sex and Mouse Ears
    Look a little harder into Disney’s magic mirror
    By Max Brawer

    Making the Switch
    The women’s basketball team transfers are biding their time before they hit the court.
    By Josh Sim

    Past Plays
    A recently acquired scrapbook raises more questions than it answers.
    By Stanley Kay

    Classrooms to Kegstands
    One staple, four ways
    Photos by John Meguerian and Justin Barbin


    We Are All Grape Juice
    A writer’s search for personal perfection
    By Nick Castele

    ‘Nuff Said
    One man’s experiment in wordless storytelling
    By Shaunacy Ferro

    Escape from Tech
    Can you survive spring break locked in?
    By Sean Kane

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