Northwestern dining demos for off-campus students
  • Students line up to sample the jambalaya and consult with Chef Tinico.
  • Students watch as the chef whips up the jambalaya stew.
  • Students eagerly observe and take note of the chef's every move.
  • Chef Tinico works on a wine reduction to flavor his vegetables.
  • Students gather around the demonstration table as the chef introduces his ingredients.
  • First year McCormick Masters students Jingming Guo and Qian Wang pore over the recipes displayed on the tables.
  • NU Off-Campus Life introduces the Executive Chef from Allison Hall, Fernando Tinico.
Photos by Allison Mark / North by Northwestern
NU Off-Campus Life partnered with Northwestern Dining to host a fall cooking demonstration, targeting students living off-campus and who wanted to expand their cooking repertoire. Executive Chef Fernando Tinico, from Allison Dining Hall, cooked up a delicious chicken cacciatore and jambalaya, as a wide range of students looked eagerly on. The chef doled out tips and personal preferences to give students an idea of where to start exploring their own tastes.


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