Northwestern: I hate you. I love you. I hate you

    Have you ever had one of those shit days that really just pisses you off? Where you don’t know how anything is going to turn out, and you sort of give up and just go through your day waiting for it to end? Now, have you ever had something just make one of those days all better? And you felt that none of your problems mattered anymore? Well, I had one of those days just last week.

    As my hatred for Northwestern grew throughout the day, I kept feeling guilty.

    Northwestern University, in all honesty, can really kick your ass sometimes. I had an essay due at 10 a.m., and I just wasn’t feeling it — but I struggled out of bed, quickly got ready and rushed out the door. It was the coldest day thus far: negative 20 fucking degrees. My nose hairs even stood on end while I walked through the thick, cold air.

    Anyways, once I made the trek to University Library, I realized upon entrance to the classroom that I forgot my English paper. My God, why couldn’t I have emailed it? That would’ve been so much easier. I proceeded to run back to my dorm, grab my paper, run back to class, step back in the classroom and feel completely numb all over. Seriously, Northwestern, if you made morning classes illegal and instead gave me 15 minutes to just get my stuff together in the morning, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have forgotten my paper.

    As my hatred for Northwestern grew throughout the day, I kept feeling guilty. I hated the fact that I forgot that paper and that I didn’t do any of the readings for my gender studies class. I also hated the fact that my favorite class was canceled. This day kept getting worse and worse, and I just wanted it to end; nothing more and nothing less, just some sort of finale, so I could go to sleep and have a better day tomorrow. I decided to go to Norris to get some lunch, go to my last class and head back to my dorm and sleep.

    Northwestern isn’t one of those places that lets you hate it for long. Once I got to Norris, I was in a winter wonderland filled with free massages, free s’mores and cheap build-your-own teddy bears. I was in heaven for about two hours. I had about seven s’mores and a massage. I bought two teddy bears: one for one of the organizers of the event and another for myself. I bought the teddy bear to always remind me that although Northwestern may kick my ass sometimes, I love it. And there is nothing I can do about it.


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    Daniel Nissani, Oct. 7, 2010