"Northwestern: Moments in Time," or old people talk about us

    Remember how Northwestern launched a YouTube channel a few months ago? Well, if you feel bad not checking the page more frequently, don’t. They haven’t uploaded much material of interest, unless you like ads about Integrated Marketing Communications. But one piece does stand out: It’s a documentary about Northwestern’s history. If you have a spare 42 minutes, check it out below.

    Basically, it’s a bunch of old people talking about how dandy Northwestern is. That sounds cynical, but this documentary, though apparently aired on the Big Ten Network, is simply a marketing tool for NU. The portions about academics especially seem hyperbolized, but maybe I’m just biased. Also, the entire final segment (“To The Memories”) made my gag reflex work overtime.

    Overall, though, this documentary has a lot of cool footage and, even if it’s too positive at times, it does a good job recounting the history of our school. The old photos and videos (especially of the ‘Cats first Rose Bowl appearance) are especially neat, and actually make me feel school pride. If you have time, check it out.

    Also, a publication called Purple Parrot would be totally badass.


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