Northwestern unveils uniforms supporting Wounded Warrior Project

    When the ‘Cats take the field on Nov. 16 against Michigan, they won’t be wearing their signature purple uniforms. Instead, the team will be sporting stars and stripes in partnership with Under Armour and the Wounded Warrior Project.

    The uniforms take inspiration from the University of Maryland’s 2011 state flag ensembles, which were also designed by Under Armour. Stars are featured on the right shoulders of the jerseys and down the back leg of the pants and stripes are on the left. This pattern also continues on the helmet, gloves, socks and cleats.

    Also, the nameplates will feature one of the seven core values: duty, honor, commitment, integrity, country, service and courage.

    While Maryland’s uniforms received criticism for being too gaudy, the red, white and navy blue color scheme and patriotic American flag print, which is featured on the plain gray jerseys, is more muted and much less of an eyesore than Maryland mustard yellow checkerboard and red and white cross design.

    This isn’t the first time the football team has shown support for troops on their uniforms. The ‘Cats have donned American Flag ‘N’ logos on their helmets in tribute to 9/11.

    However, the partnership isn’t just to raise awareness about the Wounded Warrior Project. After the game, the uniforms will be auctioned off, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to support the nonprofit organization, which helps aid and assist wounded service members. Fans can also buy their own jerseys online, which will also support the Wounded Warrior Project.

    While they might not turn around the struggling season, the uniforms could bring some good luck to the team when the Wolverines come to town. After getting new uniforms last year, the ‘Cats went on to have one of their best seasons ever.


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