NU guys and girls weigh in on what's hot, what's not

    Let’s admit it: We’re shallow and we want to get with hot people. But it’s pretty hard to figure out what the opposite sex likes. Most people just guess around — no wonder there are so many sexually-repressed virgins and lonely singles at Northwestern.

    But maybe, just maybe, if you know how the cool people do it at Northwestern, you might have a better chance of cuddling with someone in the long cold winter nights. To find out what works and what doesn’t, I talked to five students in my dorm, 1835 Hinman: McCormick sophomore Steven Anderson, Weinberg sophomore Deavon Mitchell, Weinberg freshman Tim Cooper, Medill freshman Julia Gabel and Weinberg freshman [name redacted] SD.

    Q: What makes you think someone is hot (besides physical factors)?

    Deavon Mitchell: “Confidence. Being able to go up to any random person and having a conversation with them. The worst thing they could say is ‘I’m sorry, I am not interested in talking to you.’”

    SD: “Being more outgoing than usual and introducing yourself makes people want to talk to you, and it usually isn’t a turn off if you’re being really friendly.”

    Tim Cooper: “If a girl pays attention to you.”

    tipsforguys.jpgDeavon Mitchell: “If a girl comes up to you and she knows she’s sexy and she knows she’s hot, it’s a definite turn-on. I don’t care what she looks like. If she comes off with confidence, and she knows she can pull any guy, that is a turn-on to anybody.”

    Q: What are good conversation starters, especially at a party?

    Deavon Mitchell: “Jerseys stand out and a lot and people always want to know who’s jerseys you’re wearing.”

    Steven Anderson: “Sometimes (at parties) I sort of walk behind a girl and put my hand on her shoulder like I’m trying to get by, and then when she turns around, I say hi.”

    Tim Cooper: “I don’t think the first thing you should say is ‘Hey, what’s your name’ because it could seem a little imposing. I ask girls about something else that is not about themselves but sort of associated with them. Also, I look them in the eyes because eye contact is really important. That can do it all. It’s a very subtle thing but it can do a lot.”

    Q:What kind of things do you find hot in the opposite sex?

    Steven Anderson: “I like it when a girl wears low-rise jeans and I hate those frizzy, lacy kind of shirts. I really think just a tank top is a lot more attractive. I don’t mind clothes that emphasize cleavage.”

    SDt: “I like the scruffy, laid back five o’clock shadow. But if you’re paying too much attention, that is a little too intense.”

    Julia Gabel: “I think a little bit of facial hair is fine as long as it’s not too big and scruffy. I like five o’clock shadows but not huge beards that are longer than my hair.”

    Julia Gabel: (on men’s fashion) “Nothing too preppy.”

    SD: “I don’t think there is much to do for guys besides shower. So dressing laid back like jeans, t-shirt is fine.”

    tipsforgirls.jpgQ: What is a definite turn-off?

    Deavon Mitchell: “I think loose clothes are a definite no, at least when you’re first meeting a person. Guys are really picky and a lot of them are really shallow.”

    SD: (on v-neck shirts on guys) “No chest hair. I don’t want to see chest hair. I guess it’s okay if they wear something underneath? I don’t want their forest popping out!”

    Julia Gabel: “Pastel colors are very country club so probably not (for me). Pastel colors remind me of the whole preppy factor.”

    SD: “I associate pastel colors with polos. But if a guy wants to wear a fun color like bright pink or light yellow, sure. As long as it’s just a t-shirt, I’m not against pastel colors.”

    Tim Cooper: “If girls have caked makeup all over their face, and sprayed perfume all over themselves, you can tell that they’re trying a little too hard. They just look insecure. I like it when a girl’s subtle.”

    SD: “I think if she’s put together without being overly made up, because I know guys notice when a girl is trying too hard and look too fake.”

    Steven Anderson : “A little bit of make up is okay, but excessive, no. If you can see blue on your eyes from mascara, I think that’s pretty bad.”

    Tim Cooper: “If girls don’t reciprocate the attention you’re giving them, that really turns me off because I feel like I am wasting my time.”

    Q: Anything else?

    SD: “I don’t think guys should wear tight clothes. But if you have a good style, it can work sometimes.”

    Julia Gabel : “Tight clothes, especially tight pants are what girls wear and is a little bit of a turn-off. Tight shirts aren’t bad as long as it’s not skin tight. But tighter (clothes) are okay.”

    Tim Cooper: “I myself as a boy don’t understand girls wearing heels. But I have to admit, it looks good. If they wear heels and are comfortable wearing them, it’s good.”

    Steven Anderson :(on girls wearing high heels trying to look taller) “I don’t care. I have no problem with a girl who’s 5-foot.”

    Deavon Mitchell: “(High heels) don’t matter to me. But a lot of guys feel inferior when the girl is too tall and a lot of times it’s because the girl is wearing high heels.”

    Tim Cooper: “I feel like glasses hide your face. If it is a part of your style, wear glasses. But personally I think glasses tend to hide someone’s face.”

    Steven Anderson: “A lot of them make them look dorky.”

    Deavon Mitchell: “I think glasses are really sexy on some girls. Some girls look better with their glasses on. I don’t think glasses are a definite no.”

    It’s hard to define what’s hot and what’s not. What may look really bad on one person may look cool on the other. But, one thing is for sure as Tim Cooper said: “It is a hit or miss situation anyway. Do what works for you.”


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