NU in 60 Seconds: May 9

    Forget what Douglas Adams said. The wheel might well be the real answer to the ultimate question about Life, the Universe and Everything. Life Turns on Two Wheels is a public exhibit on the main floor of the University Library that will tell you why jerky carts and chariots have changed the course of human history. Who would have guessed that bicycles allowed women to “rebel against the establishment and advocate for their rights”?

    Refreshments for your spring fatigue! You can celebrate spring at the Block Museum, if you go to Block In Friday: Spring Rejuvenation at 6 p.m. When you are done making origami, you can stay for Block Cinema’s free screening of two parts from the documentary Planet Earth, starting at 8 p.m.

    And… *sighs* here we go again — love is in the air, or at least in the spirit of Thai Night 2008! “Field of Love”, which will feature a myriad of Thai cultural performances, including Thai classical and country music, traditional dances, and Thai kickboxing. Be at Tech Auditorium at 7 p.m.

    It’s NCAA tournament time for women’s lacrosse, and we get to see them on our home turf. It’s this Sunday at one o’clock against Notre Dame, and it’s five bucks to get in to Lakeside Field. There’s apparently something commercial about tournaments, because Saturday’s noon Big Ten Tournament softball game is $5 too. Go figure.


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