Coming to a close: NU Sex Week holds sex-positivity discussion

    Northwestern Sex Week held one of its last events Thursday night, with a presentation on sex-positivity and anti-rape activism. The discussion, led by CARE prevention educator Laura Anne Stuart, focused on the history and progression of each movement.

    “It’s important to see each movement’s definition and where they came from in order to understand how they intersect,” Stuart said during the event.

    Stuart defined sex-positivity as a celebration of sexual desires, with the viewpoint that sexuality can be a positive force in someone’s life. On the other hand, the anti-rape movement focuses more on the negative aspects of sexual activity and unhealthy relationships.

    Student attendees participated in the conversation, discussing a wide range of topics including consent, sex education and feminist movements. Weinberg sophomore Katrina Werner said she learned about new perspectives of rape culture during the event.

    “It’s interesting to hear about how we advocate for women’s sexual rights, especially with the difference between the sex-positive and anti-rape approaches,” Werner said.

    All week long, Northwestern Sex Week held programs in order for students to start talking about sex and sexuality. Events included lectures on various topics, ranging from friend-zoning to asexuality to Beyoncé’s new album. Organizers also hosted numerous activities at Sex Fest on Wednesday, which had one of the highest turnouts of the week.

    Medill junior Caroline Hetzel, who serves as co-director of publicity for Sex Week, said students of all backgrounds and sexual orientations can enjoy the week's events.

    “So often we think of sex as being a taboo topic,” Hetzel said. “It’s really cool to have a week where you can have fun learning about sexuality, with it still being really engaging and informative.”

    Northwestern Sex Week will climax Saturday night, with SexProv, a collection of sex-related improv performances.


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