Interviews, campus search yield no location of missing student
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    First posted: Tuesday, Nov. 11, 11:19 a.m. CST
    Last updated: Wednesday, Nov. 12, 5:19 p.m. CST

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    University Police has interviewed friends, co-residents and family of a missing Northwestern student but has still not located him after following up on all leads from the community, the university said in a statement Wednesday (which is reproduced below).

    Trever Boehm was reported missing on Sunday after having not been seen since a week ago.

    “University Police officers have interviewed students in the residence hall where Trevor lives, other friends, his family and other persons who may have relevant information,” Director of Media Relations Chuck Loebbaka said in Wednesday’s statement. UP has also searched campus and its buildings.

    Boehm, 20, a freshman in the School of Communication from Monument, Col., has not been seen in classes or used his WildCARD at dining halls since Wednesday, said Al Cubbage, vice president of university relations. He was not able to confirm who had last seen Boehm, a South Mid-Quads resident, but said there was no indication of foul play.

    Communication freshman Trevor Boehm was last seen on Wednesday.

    Cubbage said Boehm’s parents came to visit for Parents’ Weekend. When they discovered he was missing, they filed the missing person report with University Police on Sunday.

    “I’ve never known somebody who knew him who didn’t like him,” McCormick sophomore Tyler Boschert said.

    Boschert has known Boehm since high school, and they entered Northwestern in the same year — although Boehm left school part of the way through last year and is still considered a freshman.

    Boschert recalls getting a surprise phone call from Boehm during his senior year of high school, when Boehm was accepted to Northwestern under Early Decision. Boschert said the joy in Boehm’s voice was palpable.

    “You could just tell how happy he was,” Boschert said.

    Boschert urged fellow students to “keep the chin up” and “stay optimistic,” as the search is now in the hands of people who know what they’re doing.

    Boehm has been an uncommon presence around his South Mid-Quads dorm room this quarter, according to fellow residents.

    Boehm, a theater major who lives in a single on SMQ’s fourth floor, rarely spoke to others in the dorm, several residents said. Some students said that they did not frequently see him in the small residence hall.

    “I’ve seen him once or twice,” said Weinberg freshman Eric Mayo, who lives across the hall from Boehm’s room. “The [fourth] floor is kind of anti-social,” he said, adding, “No one really talks to each other all that much.”

    Though few of the SMQ residents interviewed knew Boehm well, many are concerned. Kelly Kreft, a Weinberg freshman who lives two doors down from Boehm, says she hasn’t spoken with him since the second week of school. But, she added, “He seemed like a nice guy. I hope he’s all right.”

    South Mid-Quads, the residence of missing NU student Trevor Boehm. Photo by Darren McRoy / North by Northwestern.

    SMQ community assistant Benedict Lim declined to comment, saying CAs are prohibited from speaking with media.

    A missing person report has also been filed with a national police database. University Police is partnering with Evanston Police Department in its search for Boehm. University Police searched campus on Sunday and Monday, also looking for Boehm’s bike, a green Schwinn, Cubbage said.

    “We are very concerned,” Cubbage added.

    Boehm is described as a white male, 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing approximately 145 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. On his right forearm, he has a small birthmark.

    According to University Archives, the last major disappearance of a student was in 1921.

    Cubbage urged anyone with information to contact Northwestern University Police at 847-491-3254. Evanston Police and University Police have yet to respond to calls for comment.

    Wednesday’s statement from the university is below:

    FOR RELEASE: Nov. 12, 2008
    CONTACT: Alan K. Cubbage at 847-491-4886 or

    Statement by Alan K. Cubbage, Northwestern University Vice President for University Relations Regarding Missing Student

    The Northwestern University Police Department continues its investigation into the missing persons case of Trevor J. Boehm, a Northwestern University freshman who has been missing since late last week. University Police officers have interviewed students in the residence hall where Trevor lives, other friends, his family and other persons who may have relevant information. University Police also has searched the Northwestern campus and buildings on campus. In addition, University Police has contacted the Evanston Police Department and Chicago Police Department, as well as field information with state and national missing persons databases.

    Northwestern University Police are following up on all leads received from the community, regarding possible sightings of Trevor or his bicycle, which also has been reported missing. None of this information has led to his being located.

    Anyone with information that may help locate Trevor should contact Northwestern University Police at 847-491-3254.

    The University remains in contact with Trevor’s family. We continue to hope for the best in this difficult situation.

    Alex Campbell, Chloe Benoist and Amanda Litman contributed to this report.


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